Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Crepe Escape

There may be more than one location for the Crepe Escape -- I know that there are more creperies in town that you can shake a stick at -- but this is in regards to the one at 57th and H.

There was a large number of vegetarian dishes on the menu, but I was so displeased with my breakfast that I don't think I'll go back to try any others.

I ordered the Zeus omelette, a typical Greek omelette with tomatoes, spinach, feta, and black olives. The tomatoes were flavorless and the feta mediocre, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that my eggs were significantly liquidy. I mean, this thing was seriously undercooked. I have few things in life that really gross me out, but undercooked eggs is definitely one of them.

The potatoes were unusual, too. There was some flavor I couldn't put my finger on -- not entirely unpleasant, but now something I'd go back for, either. I was having flavor deja-vu, and I couldn't help but wonder whether it was some flavor from my long-forgotten meat-eating past, like maybe they had been cooked in pork fat or something.

I had heard that they had large portions, and that was true -- my child and I both ate from one plate, which was a good thing, as my total with a cup of coffee came to nine dollars, or nearly what I would have paid for a much better breakfast at Tower, Cafe Bernardo, or Fox and Goose.

Conclusion? I wouldn't bother.

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